A cradle shaped valley in Garhwal region of the western Himalayas of the Indian state Uttarakhand, Har Ki Dun is one of the most traveled valleys in India. Famous for its ravishing beauty, Har Ki Dun is at an altitude of 11,675 feet and 47 km long (from Sankri).

har ki dun

Distance of the valley from Taluka is 26 km. Two tiny towns Sankri and Taluka are base points of the Har Ki Dun. you can start the trek from any of these two villages. Taluka is 18 to 20 km away from Sankri which is well connected with Dehradun.

The untouched, unspoiled, unadulterated and unpopulated Har Ki Dun is a perfect gateway with friends and family. The trek is surrounded by lush green valleys, snow-covered pathways, alpine forests, colorful wildflowers, and a massive variety of flora and fauna.

Many of the popular peaks like Swargarohini peak, Kala Nag, Bandrapooch, etc can be spotted from this Himalayan peak- Har Ki Dun.

Quick facts-

Region- Uttarakhand

Maximum Altitude- 11, 675 ft

Distance to be covered- 47 km

Grade- Easy to Moderate

Starting point- Sankri or Taluka

Nearest Railway Station- Dehradun

Nearest Airport- Jolly Grant Airport

Last ATM- Purola (before the beginning of the trek)

Trek Highlights-

  • Camping under the starlit sky
  • Bonfire on one of the highest mountains in India
  • An opportunity to come across the Swargarohini peak
  • A chance to visit Duryodhana temple which is located at Osla
  • A chance to explore the traditions, cultures, and religions of people of Uttarakhand
  • Exploring the markets of Sankri and Taluka

The difficulty level of the trek-

Har Ki Dun trek is for each age group. The trek is at an altitude of 11,675 feet and 47 km long. Anyone who can walk 5 to 10 km in the plains in a single day can easily do this trek.

For an old man, itis advisable to consult the doctor to check if you are medically and physically fit or not. Patients suffering from Asthma and heart-related problems must not do this trek.

How to reach-

Dehradun- Sankri- Taluka (base point)- Har Ki Dun

By Road: To reach Dehradun you need to take a bus from Delhi/Chandigarh/Lucknow (all the major cities of India), after reaching Dehradun opt for a local bus or hire a taxi to reach Sankri; which takes almost 8-9 hours.

By Train: Dehradun railway station is well connected with all the main cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, etc.

By Air: Jolly Grant Airpot is the nearest airport for Har Ki Dun, have daily flights for all the major cities.

Best time to do the trek-

You can do this trek whenever you wish to do it. It can be visited all around the year. It’s all up to you. If you love snow, do this trek in winters. In Monsoon, the beauty of Har Ki Dun remains at its best. So photographers and rain lovers are recommended to do this trek in Monsoon. If you hate rain and snow, visit the place in summer.

har ki dun trek in winters

Temperatures in all seasons-

In winter- somewhere between 5-degree Celsius and minus 5-degree Celsius (minus 20 degree celsius at night)

In summer- ranging from 15-degree celsius to 25 degree celsius

In monsoon- from 5-degree celsius to 15 degree celsius

In autumn- between 10-degree Celsius and 20-degree celsius

Things to carry-

  1. Hiking shoes- Water-resistant; Sneakers and Slippers- As an extra
  2. Socks and gloves (2-3 pair)
  3. Winter jacket and hiking bottom pants
  4. Hiking pants, bottom pants, and t-shirts- Warm and comfortable
  5. Gears
  6. Backpack- with all necessary belongings
  7. Munching items; Water bottles
  8. Plastic bag- To keep the wastage and store your dirty laundry
  9. Cash- it’s most important, as you won’t get any ATM on the hill
  10. Trekking poles- Must bring
  11. Camera- To capture the beauty of Har Ki Dun
  12. Powerbank
  13. Flashlight with extra batteries
  14. First aid kit (including band-aids)


1. Do not encourage litter

2. Do not wander off on your own any point during the trek. Follow your team leader’s instructions

3. Drinking and smoking are not advisable.

4. Don’t make fun of the local culture and traditions

5. Don’t play loud music on the trains and on the summit. Many people do this trek to find peace

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